So the other night I video taped my trip back from Palm Springs, the perps didnt know I did that and they harassed me to a new extreme. Im glad I got it on tape. I narrated it dueing the drive. I had a hard time getting it online took me all day, but was determined to get it on you tube, facebook and word press. The next night I was going to Soboba casino and I videoed that too, I only had one perp behind me with his brites on. I decided to pull over and follow him, When I pulled over and got behind him I was able to see and say his license plate. I had proof on the video he was behind me briting me the whole way, now I was excited because I had prrof along with me saying his license plates. Everything was consistant and I thought provable.. Right? Nope when I got home and reviewed the video… the sound was gone, infact the sound was gone on ALL my videos with ALL the perps licsense plates being read out at the time. When I look at some of the pictures of cars (same cars and trucks) that follow me the licsence plates are always blurred out! No proof again! How the hell do they do that? Ill try and post a picture.

Also I took pics of a house next door because it had 2 rv’s hooked up , today both rv’s are gone. really weird stuff, in  that pic you can see some surreal looking woman in a white flowing gown.. she doesnt look real.

My dog throws up after eating last night, 2nd night in a row. I take samples and get alot of Morgellons fibers and slime. Well now that I have evidence… where do I go with it? nofuckingwhere, thats where.

I picked fresh walnuts off my moms walnut tree last night and put them in my bath ( I had heard the Morgellons reacts to it, boy did it, I only had water and walnuts whole still in their skin around the nut. all the wallnuts sank and the long fibres and gunk that came out of my body truly was amazing. took samples again.. to go where with it?

Last night and today could hear the micro magnetic buzz so loud and clear I woke up at 2:30 today! in the afternoon! feeling drugged and disoriented, very swollen and unbalanced. Hmmmmm wonder why?

Im getting too close, Im starting to figure this whole thing out.

My conclusion:

There isnt a damn thing we can do to stop it, its way too big and way outta my league.  I know they are killing me slowly, I get the pounding in my head above left ear. I have a sore on the upper right ear. I know i have morgellons and the little beasts are connecting to form a grid inside my body. At night I can rub my hand along my bed and i see electricity sparking a trail where my hand rubs. I get shocked alot. I know my days are numbered.

So at this point I have nothing to lose and no one really cares , So i will just document whats happenning in hopes it will be found someday and people can see there are a few of us who knew long before it ever happened. meanning the New World Order, thats what this is all about and depopulation.Image