I created this account today, I created it, then didnt know where to start.

I thought about it all day on what I wanted to say. Do I start from the beginning? How it all happened? well I dont really know “how it all happenned or why? “Why” IS it happening? has been the biggest question of all.

So I go out to my car to have a smoke. I am digging around for butts  ( they always disappear way to fast- for how little I smoke.)  

reality  check …., it really HAS gotton this bad.

I unlock my car door, and reflect what my beautiful sparkly brown 1977 300D Mercedes Benz and I , have been thru in the lpast year.

And to think, she was show room  quality  only a year ago, She has gone from cherry to scary.

The engine still purrs.

 We have run out of fuel too many times to count, because the fuel gauge doesn’t work anymore. I have to guess at the mileage.

The oil gauge was leaking oil on my leg  on the INSIDE of the car, so I had to get that disconnected.

The car rattles and  it rolls,

The rubber seals around the front and back windshield have disintegrated so much.I had to buy super glue and try to glue ,so the back window doesn’t blow out on the freeway.

The blinkers stopped working one day and the radio worked fine. I was kool with that as long as I had some music., but the next day …. the blinkers worked and the radio did not! and still doesn’t! No one had worked on the car…

My heater doesn’t work,  broke last winter,

my air stopped working this summer,  now I get the engine heat on my legs

 my electric windows stopped working when the air stopped, so I cant roll the windows down. LOL, the rare parts for the window switches were  “missing” from the envelope- I had safely away. I was determined to get a window open because Im dying inside the car when I have to go anywhere. I could only find enough parts to get one window to work and it still isnt easy , but it works. Yea, a breath of fresh air!

The door handles are getting ready to fall off, the seats have all lost their stuffing and are beginning to slant away from each other in a weird contorted way,

the windshield wipers look like they have never been replaced since she rolled off the factory line 36 years ago.

The hood is out of adjustment,

the glove box is out of adjustment,

the gas cap lid is out of adjustment,

the back tire rod looks shorter then the front- it wobbles driving in windy conditions.

The trunk key tumbler recently broke just when I needed to move stuff out of my storage unit I couldnt get the trunk open and still cant right now.

A circuit relay sensor stopped working and it made it so the  recently replaced “GLO” plugs (it’s a diesel)  wont glo . So until I can get the new 500.00 relay I was using “quick engine start” sprayed into the air filter, but damn if the hood latch cable didnt break 2 days ago so now I cant spray start the engine cuz I cant get the hood open.

I talk to my mechanic and tells me what to do- Take some wire and put it into the female part where the broken relay circuit board was plugged in to under the steering wheel column. Hold the wires in two slots, count to ten and then turn the key. He said dont leave the wires in longer than 12 because it will burn up the glo plugs that I had replaced a few months ago. It works! I love this car, this car is special! She never lets me down, no matter how bad I get beat up she just keeps plugging away with me. were a team now, we’ve been thru too much together.  As beat up as she sounds, She was cherry one year ago, She has been taken apart one screw at a time, and i tell you what she still purrs and she kicks ass on the freeway or when were trying to beat all the brighters looking for me. I was cherry a year ago too… or so I thought. So when i went out for the smoke tonite and I got into my car just to sit.. I see the window regulator I spent all day trying to make work yesterday and suceeded, kinda pulled out of it;s slot, a pang goes in my stomach knowing when I try it tomorrow something will be different and it wont work and theres no reason for it just like there is no reason. for everything that has happened to this wonderful garage kept little creme puff who is on her last leg, just like me. Thats when I decided to just start writing with now.

So i wrote and was editing it but now Im feeling sick, i cant focuss, I can hardly type this right now, my stomach and head start to hurt  and im exhauster and soooooslo moe. so sleepy and drifting off and i know it thats damn micro harrassment i couldnt remember the name just now and my side hurts, so ill write soon